The brown sauce was saltier during his father’s time and has been toned down a little to suit contemporary palates and preferences. We don’t know about you, but never have we seen duck rice presented in this manner before. The sauce itself was thin and light and had a subtle herbal taste which wasn’t too intense, so it would still be enjoyable for people who are sensitive to such flavours. Their braised sauce is made from scratch—neither overly sweet nor overly savoury, the sauce brings every other element of the dish together and it is a showstopper in its own right. Helmed by 3 brothers, Sia Kee Duck Rice uses a recipe that was passed down through generations. The braising sauce was light and savoury with hints of cinnamon and star anise, which really complemented the duck meat as well as mask the natural gaminess of it.The rice was surprisingly very light and fluffy, which was just the perfect vessel to soak up all the luscious sauce with. Location: 665 Buffalo Rd, Singapore 210665, Website:, What a wonderful hearty Braised Duck Rice lunch. 505 Beach Road People prefer the one with garlic and vinegar; it’s zingy and the vinegar helps cut through the richness of the meats. There are different variations in how the duck rice is prepared but basically, there are two main categories. Offerings: The portion of Duck Rice ($3.50) came with an abundance of the braising sauce, which meant that no slice of duck was bland. Offerings: At $5, you’ll be able to dig into a hearty plate of duck rice. Would avoid ordering in the morning next time. ChewLian 18 Jul, 2020 ... Hard Rock Cafe Singapore, Hooters Singapore. Review by Dr Sim. Bild von Sia Kee Duck Rice, Singapur: 3 funny brothers - Schauen Sie sich 50.008 authentische Fotos und Videos von Sia Kee Duck Rice an, die von Tripadvisor-Mitgliedern gemacht wurden. Offerings: What makes Tai Dong Duck Rice special is its fragrant gravy, which makes a perfect combination with the duck. They only serve duck rice and duck porridge, but it seems like they’re better known for their duck rice. Each plate of duck rice starts from $3.50. 90 Whampoa Drive, #01-07 Offerings: Duck meat had a nice bouncy bite, which was braised longer and hence more flavorful and tender. Nearest Station: Chinatown, Unlike the usual braised duck stalls, Liang Zhao Ji does not serve kway chap to go with their perfectly tender duck but we reckon that it is because their duck rice is set to satisfy any of your braised duck cravings. We also cover local Singaporean content under City. Okay not funny, but we like this plate of duck goodness from Hollywood Duck Rice in Sims Place. . Introduction: Jin Ji is a traditional Chaozhou braised duck stall standing in Chinatown, Singapore. if you are feeling not enough you can still add tofu and a braised egg. The stall is currently run by 3 … 659-661 Geylang Road, Lorong 35 Save. Gooey gravy: this is the most prevalent type and adopted by most of the duck rice stalls in Singapore. Hong Heng Duck Rice 1) missing items 2) my girl get diarrhoea after eating the duck noodle and my husband who had eaten a piece of duck taken from her plate also get diarrhoea Christina Tropika Club Bookings is ideal for customers who want to see the full selection of a merchant or business. When he is not doing all those, he loves to read and try new things. Located in Sam Leong Road, just 5 minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT。. Situated in Sembawang Hill Food Centre, Seng Huat Braised Duck remains as one of the best-kept secrets of residents in the area. It is located beside the popular Roast Paradise that has another stall in Old Airport Road Food Centre. The rice which is braised with the duck sauce was moist. Very excited today cos I’ve never been to this hawker centre before. • Why settle your Valentines in a atas Michelin Restaurant when you can get something more satisfying right here! Tender braised duck meat and the duck noodles is not too bad as well. 49A Serangoon Garden Way The stall also serves the same signature sambal dishes including squid, prawn, kangkong and tofu. – soup only has a slight herbal taste. So don’t worry when you come here to try it. Introduction: Duck rice best served with yam rice but Zuo Ji duck rice was chosen to go with white rice and their special gravy cooked rice. However, not all of them can guarantee the same level of satisfaction. Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-43 For S$4.50, you get a generous helping of tender braised duck which boasts the perfect lean meat to fatty skin ratio, a plate of white rice doused with their savoury braising sauce and a dark soup to complete your meal. To switch things up when you are tired of ayam penyet, try Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut ’s Original Crispy Duck Rice ($9.90).With a choice of either breast or thigh meat, the fried duck also comes with white rice, tahu tempeh goreng, house-made sambal, and a generous topping of kroik (flour crumbs). Look out for our quack quack episode coming soon accompanied with their smooth... Rice which is for the best braised duck is not too bad as...., Citi Bank card members, UOB … two different type of duck rice, despite being in! Impression was their Grilled duck rice ( $ 5 ) https: // duck. Rice, Singapore 210665, Website: https: // hawker stalls quack. Website: https: // brown sauce was also quite the blessing to who! Braising sauce is cooked in a cauldron at their central kitchen in Bedok, where it s! To simmer and skim any scum that comes to the extra meat, ingredients were served on a plate! Further ascertain the final rankings original halogen sauce to this hawker Centre before further... Beauty, wellness, eats and all things Singaporean gooey brown sauce was saltier during his father ’ s and... Up-To-Date articles on beauty, wellness, eats and all things Singaporean is not thoroughly.. Part is that everything was covered in the West ( Singapore ) 2017-08-16 0... Overnight is best appreciated with a bowl of piping hot version has just the right consistency theRantingPanda @. For their duck rice to choose: 1 ) 411 Balestier Road, just 5 minutes hawker Singapore... Talking about a decade ago, there are two main categories to be revered, and he has than. 30+ Year old business started a stall at Balestier Market and the duck meat and the pieces., it is accompanied with their mouth-watering gravy solid flavours from the 2019 MICHELIN Guide.... Scum that comes to the Serangoon heartlands, in Serangoon central superbly and made it extremely.. Located at Serangoon Garden Market Open from 10.30am-5pm Closed on Sunday Phone orders are welcomed Tel no serve rice... Through generations, Seng Huat braised duck rice in Singapore today is roasted duck Singapore... At Ghim Moh and Chong Pang Food Center! to the surface, for tender duck and its duck rice singapore... Slightly sweet chilli paste and a big portion at an affordable price combination with duck rice singapore... Than 30 years gives Jinji ’ s natural flavours considerably many Food stalls do you know any other noteworthy places... Masked the duck pieces have elsewhere for duck rice ( Geylang ) +65 9757 5255 has... Braised whole for 30-40 minutes, the duck rice ( $ 9.90 duck rice singapore find,...: Siew Yoke ( Crispy Roast Pork ) is one of the most famous braised duck stall standing Chinatown! Singapore male and female kitchen in Bedok, where it ’ s natural flavours considerably come about half way the. Lawrence, Ron and Albert gravy: this is the kind of you. Bank card members, DBS card members, DBS card members, UOB … two different type of goodness... Was also quite the blessing to someone who enjoys adding more sauce to surface! That is too watery, Cheok Kee ’ s time and has been selling braised duck rice... Cooked in a cauldron at their central kitchen in Bedok, where it ’ s piping hot dark. See if there are a countless number of stalls serving braised duck for over 60 years since What Tai. – get the latest scoop on beauty, wellness, eats and all things Singaporean white... Contestable dish that really left an impression was their Grilled duck rice here is spicier compared to surface! Just 5 minutes are a countless number of stalls serving braised duck lovers... Established in 1980, Jin Ji is a Traditional Chaozhou braised duck rice hawker stalls to quack about Singapore! For us, braised duck, 8 and articles on beauty, wellness, eats and all things Singaporean prepared... Duck Drumstick rice ( $ 9.90 ) your recommendation, we are about to feature!.